The Communicator

Hi, I’m Caitlin Trafton and I am the creator of caitlinscatch. Four Years ago it was my intention to build something for the small-scale fisheries of coastal Maine communities. My Professor at the University of Maine (in Orono) deemed me ‘the Communicator,’ and since then, I’ve researched methods of directly connecting Fishermen and Women with Read More …


Mayflower: Ground Laurel Evergreen Leaves and Pink/White Blossoms in Spring. Partial Sunlight Well-Drained Soil Keep Moist in between Waterings (so that not to dry out)  


8:00 AM Wells Commons Breakfast The University of Maine at Orono Saturday, May 9th 2015 10:00 AM College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Major: New Media Caitlin Trafton