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    Vinhomes Vu Yen real estate project is the excited item of VinGroup in Hai Phong town. Promising to attract robust expense surf into Hai Phong real estate industry in the approaching time. So what is outstanding about Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong?


    The place of Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong project is on 4 ends facing the river. The West and South boundaries the Camera River, the Northern boundaries the Roo Lon Stream, the East sides the Bach Dang Stream. Ensures a new outside air all year round.

    Situated in the center of the newest environmental project sophisticated of Hai Phong city. Every one of the most prominent and outstanding services and facilities built here is going to be within the scope of utilization of the project.

    Basic design and style project Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong

    Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong project is created within atrendy and luxurious, and unique style, with exclusive features and exceptional class.

    Vinhomes Vu Yen Hai Phong comes with a “awful” power system that converges numerous “uncommon” components that initial appeared around the household real estate market. Delivering claims of any perfect daily life, a superb eco-vacation region, an advanced leisure centre and exceptional amenities worldwide.

    Definitely Vinhomes Vu Yen will be the ideal and perfect destination for a great and fulfilling life for many owners wanting to settle and live lower in Hai Phong.

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