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    KLAW Marine Breakaway Couplings protect assets, personnel, reputation and also the environment during offshore transfer operations
    Marine Breakaway Couplings minimises risks in offshore transfer
    The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling gives an identified and safe parting point from the hose transfer system. When tensile forces exceed predetermined tolerances, the Marine Breakaway Coupling activates.
    The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling then delivers two distinct safety features. An example may be the closing on the flow on the media being transferred; next is allowing separation on the hose transfer system. Separation relieves the hose transfer system and minimises likelihood of damage and spillage.
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    Minimising risk during offshore transfer
    Activation may be caused by events or situations that will prove disastrous without it proven and vital section of the transfer system. Events such as vessel movement, storms and pressure surge could compromise hose transfer systems and cause damage to assets, difficulties for personnel, contamination on the environment and extended downtime. It might bring about disruption of operation, extensive clean-up costs, litigation and damaged reputation. The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling thus remains an essential part of maintaining a trusted offshore transfer system.

    Typical events
    Vessel movement and loss of Dynamic Positioning (DP).
    Pressure Surge: Brought on by inadvertent downstream valve closure elsewhere inside the system or over-pressurisation. The activation setting is pre-determined to fit the operating conditions.
    Performance boasting

    Double closure on activation

    Each time a KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling activates, the Flip-Flap Valve mechanism closes on the upstream and downstream flow from the hose transfer system. This minimises spill on sides on the hose transfer separation.
    Instantaneous closure
    Spill on activation is minimised through the instantaneous closure on the KLAW Flip-Flap Valve mechanism.
    100% shut-off of flow
    The KLAW Flip-Flap Valve mechanism provides 100% closure and for that reason 100% shut-off of both upstream and downstream flow.
    Minimum headloss
    The KLAW Flip-Flip Valve is designed to deliver minimum headloss much more the locked open position from the Breakaway Coupling. This will give the coupling to provide transfer efficiencies along with minimising the risk of spills.
    Reliable performance inside the marine environment
    The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling is created specifically to withstand those bending moments and torsional forces expected from floating wave motions and also the rigours on the marine environment. The appearance of the KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling therefore prevents premature activation on the unit and protects the Breakstuds from fatigue.
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