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    Understanding that the current requirement for unclogging drain pipes will be necessary for the market place, there are actually very few models together with the capability to deal with it. Therefore, Viet Xanh launched the services of Vacuuming septic tank, Unclogging the toilet, Unclogging with a spring machine, Unclogging the septic tank with new technology to create a perfect service, serving all families and the environment. in Hanoi city.

    The whole process of unclogging Hanoi sewers at Viet Xanh

    Get details from consumers, assist to respond to all service inquiries that clients are suffering from, then exchange to relevant departments for further finalizing.

    If necessary, will come to the place for a free survey and consultation, viet Xanh’s team of consultants will provide transparent quotes & support to answer all questions.

    After agreeing on the unit price of Unclogging the toilet with the customer, Viet Xanh will quickly send an experienced technician with modern machinery to the area to conduct treatment according to the standards.

    You together with the professional will verify the health of the septictoilet and tank, sewer series as well as the amount of work completed. Only if the customer is very satisfied will the fee be paid for.

    In line with the project’s approval report and combined with presently carried out promotional and motivator courses, Viet Xanh will problem an invoice and gather the service charge.

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