This is a Review I received via e-mail. I am posting my reviews, so that they won’t be forgotten. i hope to improve my Portfolio and Works, the reviews really help.

Review of Caitlin’s Portfolio (by Taryn) :)Just my reactions as I was
going through and checking it out…

Review of media candidates:

Extremely well spoken and thoughtful. I got a good sense of strengths
and weaknesses of professors.

I loved your analogy of “teaching is a bit like walking a tightrope”
and saying every pupil must be pushed, but not too little or too much.
I think it’s brilliant!

People without people:

What does “people without people” stand for? But I love the
photographs… the people are so happy. Even Linda coffee who is old,
tattooed and works in a convenient store.

Do I see lots of symbolism?

·         “Fishermans voice” with the profile of a fisherman through the window.

·         “thousands feared dead” on the news, and the look on the
man’s face is like he’s trying to comprehend the grief

Out of curiousity: were they cool with you taking the pics of them?
They seemed like they liked it

Assignment 2: pictorial

You take amazing photographs. I really like the ones that capture the
lobster fishing culture. I think we live in Maine, and are so close to
the culture, but there is little knowledge and so much curiosity
around it still. Especially living in Portland… people are hipsters
and what not. They don’t know anything about the lobster fishing

Keep up the great work. you’re so talented! DOn’t ever forget that!
And im not just saying this because I am your sister. I love you xoxox