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Your Portfolio is a record of what you encountered, what you learned, questions you formulated and answered, and work on your portfolio and on the class project.

You should have a post for all assignments with URLs and photos (use featured image for photos).

You should also have a summary of your project focussing on overall achievement as well as your personal contribution. You should include your project video, and a photo gallery of your project flickr set.

I will be evaluating the appropriateness of your theme, and design to your overall work, including all the material you choose to show on your blog.
-creativity: matches content/personality
-functions: has appropriate functions in widgets, plugins, sidebar, etc.
-navigation: has clear, logical navigation
-quality content: shows your best work well
-visual: uses header images, featured images and post images, galleries and video to show your best work and personalize your site


–Menu–NMD Courses
This portfolio should contain menu tabs for NMD 200, NMD 100, NMD 102, NMD 104, as well as other NMD classes you’ve taken (at least one post/page for each class would be fine, but you are encouraged, for your sake to post more)

–NMD 200 Submenu
This are should contain submenu items for all your assignments. Each post should have categories and tags.


All class assignments
Project assignments
Project video
Project flicker set as gallery or slide show, using captions to guide viewer.

Optional: any material you want to showcase–hobbies, other artwork, photography, etc.

These portfolios may be used as your entry portfolio to the NMD program, so take them seriously and put in the time to show off your best work.

Your submission is just your portfolio URL–which just facilitates finding & grading your work.