Exercise 2: Invent your own many-to-many solutions


Pick one of the following problems and brainstorm a solution that embodies a many-to-many approach. Describe your solution in two or more paragraphs and be prepared to read it aloud in the next class. You will also be posting this on your wordpress blog later.

Newspapers are losing subscribers and ads

How can you help the Bangor Daily News attract more eyeballs?

Put more eyeballs on the Bangor Daily. Write a spoof column and put it in print, the day of the Bangor Daily News release. Remind users of the price $1.50 and the input Bangor Daily accepts. Highlight Business oppertunities within the print. Show the paper for the value that it does have. Investigate the Bangor Daily Newspaper Headquarters. Have a team: establish sections of the newspaper to edit. Eliminate biases, or correct them.

Highlight the positive side, investigate hoe people can make a difference.

Only support Farmers and Fishermen. Encourage families to contribute their input.

The oceans are dying

How can you stimulate students to learn more about the oceans?

Ocean Science class at Umaine literally BLOWS. Not to say the information isn’t good, but wouldn’t it be more useful to be in an environment that actually depicts the area of information. Multiple choice and Bubble Sheets were never my favorite. I will say honestly, the most I have ever learn about the Ocean was aboard about a half dozen Lobster fishermen off the coast of this great State. Not to say the Umaine Professor doesn’t know his stuff, we can be adults. What if: some of the students would rather a trip to the coast, where they camp on an island with nothing but the reality that is the deep, deep ocean.

Research: the outer islands that accept campers. Swans Island, for instance has a population of 350 year-round residence. It is a dry-island so there is no sale of alcohol, so the locals, you can imagine would be a great resource, if you happened to have an extra thirty pack of Budweiser. The Risks? Stay at Home, no body is making you go. My personal opinion: If we are students with varying majors, what better opportunity to see eachother skills really show? Emursion is the best technique.

My main point is that, the root of the problem is at the root of the system. It is right in front of our eyes and it is accessable…the oceanography depatrment, or class, or whatever gen ed. I had to take for a science in order to continue with my own degree.

Religions are divisive

How can you promote dialogue between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other faiths?

We could create a visual representation of how all of the religious views actually relate to the same idea. Religion could mean the ability to cope with dying. We could have three categories: what was it like in this spot before I was born, what is this spot like now, and what is going to happen to this spot when I am gone? When i say ‘this spot’ I mean the house, hill or hole you love.

Visual art is too static

How can you create a mural that responds to individual viewers?

What is the idea of a mural? It’s like a mosaic?

Why not have a lense project a canvas that illuminates a hall, the entire length. While people wait in the elevator they have a set time to use a tablet that send the information to the lense projection on the hallway.

Or even have a tablet project and save scribbles and comments people make in the bathrooms, but don’t want to mark-up the nice paintjob.

Student films are always set in dorms

How can you help filmmakers find better locations for their videos?

I am involved with the Shoot Maine group, and we now have a website that features locations that are safe and favored places to shoot film or photography. We have a facebook account and I recently added the widget that enables users to share our site through their facebook account. Facebook is good because everyone has it, it is a good gateway. I would like to further the location database and give an area of the site for viewers to chat. I’d like actors, animators, photographers, editors, script-writers, and film-makers to unite and complete assignments together. A film is difficult to produce, but I think in this case, “many hands makes light work.”

Stock photographs cost too much

How can you help designers discover and download high-resolution images for their layouts?

Locate photographers and film students. Crowd-source all of good photos and left-overs, that have good focus and resize all of the images to 4×6 inches, crank up the resolution to 300; the files should be smaller than 7MB and can be enlarged without too much distortion.

Educational books are boring

How can you help educational writers make use of appealing formats like comic books?

I think now-a days people are learning a lot through video, especially YouTube. I had a friend show me something he learned on Youtube, he did a back-flip in front of Fogler Library. I was awe-struck, he told me, “Yeah it’s really easy, I watched a five-minute video on YouTube on how to do a backflip, and now I can do it.”

So this leads me to my point(which is), I agree very much with what Professor Ippolito is initiating: Tutorials; to kick sharing up a notch. If we learn how to explain things, we better get to know ourselves, by understanding how we differ from others. Making video tutorials from back-flips to HTML, is a great way to link people today (I think it also important to see a person’s face and hear their voice, it is an excellent way to evoke memory). If your instructor has a high pitch voice and frizzy hair, all the better.

You never have a camera when you need it

How can you make photography more accessible for everyday moments like hiking or driving a car?

Deer Cameras are becoming really popular. Everyone has one, and the quality is improving. They are fairly heavy duty and you could strap it to your chest if you wanted, (they are making them pretty small). SpyPoint makes a wireless game cam, I bring this up because I think something like this would be neat to get footage of foul weather, where other cameras would become damaged.

The spatial dimensions of sound are underappreciated

How can you make an audio installation that makes listeners more aware of their 3D sonic environment?

I desperately have wanted to make a stethescope with the Arduino and Microphone. I have been curious to see if I could record a person’s heart rate and have them enter a room where their heart-rate mixed with other creates a song. I wanted the speed of the heartrate to coincide with the colors of the rainbow. Slowest heart rates would be blue and fastest would be red. The light would pulse to the heart beat. I would also want the subjects to take a deep breath in and out, this would effect the fade in and fade out of the colors.

Centralized economies are unstable

How can you create an alternative currency that is less vulnerable to the viscissitudes of global markets?