Projection Mapping Workshop with Gene (Today) Friday March 21st, 2-3:30 104 IMRC

Opinion: I found Gene Felice and his Projects to be fresh. We met with Felice in Chadbourne, I found him to be considerate and interested in the students. Felice’s workshop was very interesting, I had no idea so much could be done with projection. my most favorite thing of the week was to see projections on a 3-D space (other than buildings). If you are interested in a list of artists Gene Felice hightlighted during his workshop, look below.


1. Grafitti research lab (2000)

2. Miwa Matreyek Projection Performance

3. Jenny Holtzer

4 & 5. Adam Larsen and Janice Lancaster (friend of Felice)

project 3-D space

6. Dev Harlan

7. Graffique-Syphen share HD video

8. VJ Suave-Projection Dolly, Animation

9. Bot and Dolly-

10. Obscura Digital-Pier 15



Gene Felice (current project) Lighthouse-Video Projection
Software being used: Module8 and Vdmx (“Live AfterEffects”)
My Question: 3-D Movies High Resolution 3 Layer Movies, Face Recognition for lense auto-focus. Newer Movies, are these being done with this sort of  layering of video?