Meaningful Quotes from Lessig


“The sort of initial acceleration for our growth came from the technology. We did some things right—namely, choosing Flash video as a delivery platform so you didn’t have to download anything. The video just plays in the browser.”23 By using Flash as the video format, they guaranteed that anyone with a (modern) Web browser could view the videos. (As Chen told me: “I always thought about the grandmother in the Midwest, if she came to a video site.”)


“Its angle, however, was a technology that enabled users to both comment upon the articles that got referenced, and comment upon the comments.”

“’s objective was to find a way to map user preferences for music into an engine that might recommend music more intel- ligently. Many have tried this. But does it by a unique mix of community and technology.”


Second Life

“Buy some land to build a house. Grow flowers. Basically anything you can do in real life, you can do in Second Life,