At the bottom of this page is a ‘shot-list’ I created Tuesday evening in a group meeting that went on until mid-night.

Now I will address my reaction to the public presentation. I thought we did well with what we had. I’ll admit, we got a little off the shot-list track, from the beginning, and Zack Davis brought it back in when the Tag cloud(his topic) was mentioned. Probably I am too picky about the presentation aspect of the thing, but I do think a pretty package is what any good idea should accommodate. Our group was big to me, seven minutes. I kept ailing the group to keep it simple, and as long as everything we have done has been described, we move to a Q&A and any one of us could respond based on their expertise.  Seven minutes is a long time to hold an audience. All and all I had a great time with this group. It was a good pitch from the start, it addresses a good field, everything is cameras now, it seems.

Now Some Stats: 

1. The estimated attention span in 1998 was 12 minutes.
2. The estimated attention span in 2008 was only 5 minutes.

“In an effort to maintain an optimal processing speed, the human brain filters incoming data, discarding 99% of all sensory information immediately after perceiving it (Patricia Wolfe, Brain Matters).”

reference to:

Shot List
1.) Start: HOMEPAGE: Patrick
ABOUT PAGE (Patrick scrolls visual.)
Introduce all members.
2.) Problem: Jesse, shooting in dorms sucks.
3.) Mission Statement: Kyle; mother of project.
4.) LOCATIONS: Zack Davis; Tag cloud uses all tags within posts.
5.) On-Campus: Zack Marvin; showcase Jeness Lot.
6.) Off-Campus: Caitlin; showcase Bass Harbor
7.) Swag: Ben; coasters, posters and facebook page.
This would be valuable to the New Media Department and UMaine. It is meant to be a motive to get students out of the dorms, and into Vacationland.

SHOOT MAINE CML MEET tomorrow at 12:00-2:00pm December 11th
Fogler Library

I will Load Five Flickr Photos in the morning.
Over and Out