It is Wednesday, the 9th of April 2014

Normally, we would have class from 9-11:30

I contacted my group members this morning. I sent them three text messages a piece. I’m sure they are using this time to be productive, and I am not about to rag on them. I will say, this, whether or not they care about the group project is irrelevant. How am I going to contribute to this group, is the real question. I could re-write the project document, make the prototype, and the presentation by myself, but I am lacking the confidence. I can’t bail on my group members at this point in the Semester, but at this very moment, it seems like the only viable option.

I created the first google.doc

I created the second google.doc

I visited the Museum twice, and took photos.

I rebuilt a Mind Map on brainstorming in Illustrator.

I have documented Group Meetings.

I typed both Brainstorms.

Brainstorm 1:

Brainstorm 2:

I have researched Children’s Museums, Navigation and Technology.

I made a Prototype in AfterEffects.

I made the Calender and set goals for the Group to reach.

I updated the Google.doc weekly, detailing class notes, time-constraint and due dates.

Maybe I am doing too much babysitting and not enough individualized work.


Anyway, neither of my group members showed today, and neither of them said they were not coming.