(In this section I will include responses I have made on other students works, with a reference to their intent.)

A Review of Intents

A Review of Intents


1. The Pool Review of Patrick Menard’s Drum Sequencer:

Intent Rated 8 by caitlin trafton

If you have time, this guy Matt West made a lesson and provides the source code for an audio synthesizer he build.Building a Synthesizer with the Web Audio API:

I put it in my nmdprojects folder and this is it in action:

Maybe this will inspire you 🙂

Conceptual: 8

I’d like to know a little more about why you have chosen the Drums specifically, and where this project could branch out, with visuals maybe?One more thing 🙂
I couldn’t find your source code, or example of the intent. I might just be overlooking it.

Good Idea Patrick, Godspeed.

2. Ben Woodbry’s Super Snake
I’d like to see this idea develop. Great premise, bring Snake back!
I just found this website, someone coded their own Snake. I bet there are a bunch out there, but maybe looking at their source code could help?HTML SNAKE:

Conceptual: 8

This seems like a great game to remix, I would have never thought (10 years ago) that it was possible to make a game. This is a fresh idea, its recreating something that is familiar, the outcome will be a learning experience.
Perceptual: 8

I can see this thing pulling through. I’m interested to see what direction you go in; in terms of theme, and color. Will you keep it simple or are you looking to fancy it up with newer, up-to-date graphics?
Technical: 8

This is doable using the code we’ve learned in class. It should be time consuming, but a great opportunity to fine tune your coding skills.
3. Adam Lynch’s Capture the Flag Minecraft:
Yup, I’m on board. Capture the Flag maybe my favorite game, of all time. I just looked up a link that has a bunch of servers running Capture the Flag Worlds.http://www.minecraftpvp.com/ctf/

I joined f03.us.mcctf.com

Conceptual: 9

I’m not quite sure how you are going to do this, but power to you. There seems to be a lot of possibility with this one, and a lot of fun. This Intent leads me to wonder what Flash Light Tag would be like in Minecraft.
4. Benjamin Brown’s Maine Logging:
Hey Ben-
Pretty cool idea. I’m always one for visuals, and I am eager to see how you would do this. I inserted a link for a tractor game someone scripted, I viewed the source and saw they used Javascript.Backhoe Tractor Game:

Conceptual: 9

I like this concept, we could all learn something new.