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I think it fair for me to analyze the efforts of my group members, before I list my own contributions.

Collaboratively, we became a tight knit.

Kyle came up with the premise: get students out of dorms to film, (we still reference his original mission).

Zach Marvin created a google.doc, this was a common place for our team to brainstorm. Thanks to Zach, has helped us all a great deal in organizing our information.

Jesse kicked the website into gear, he made the original website using his own WordPress site.

Patrick pushed for the grant to have our own domain name. He opened the new site at:

Shoot Maine had a meeting in the CML board-room and we loaded the site with content.

All group members have collaborated and contributed on the aesthetics, and form equally.

I consider Kyle the producer and Patrick the Director. Each of them has a good head to tell the group what stays and what goes; based on our audience and the effectiveness on reaching them.

Jesse and I took the laser-cutter workshop: Jesse made a logo for Shoot Maine in Illustrator and cut it at the workshop.

Ben sawed a dozen individual squares out of pine, and sanded the corners for a soft, tangible coaster. Jesse and I plan to cut/etch Shoot Maine logo into these coasters, and take them to Woodman’s Bar (and grill).

Patrick answered the grant questions, I inserted, printed and submitted the grant to Professor Joline Blais.

Patrick is responsible for a majority of the locations found on Campus.

Caitlin Trafton

Role: Mascot/Criminal Mastermind

My Contributions…

The locations I contributed include, but are not limited to:

OFF-CAMPUS; Brewer Middle School, Bass Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Holden Parking Lot.

ON-CAMPUS: Steamplant

Local Website Research: BEG(the Bangor Explorer’s Guild),  The Maine Film site, Bucksport’s

Contacted and spoke with, Bangor City Safety Inspector; we discussed possible solutions for abandoned buildings in the Bangor area.

SHOOT MAINE: WordPress Site

Limited Categories to on-campus/off-campus

I created the page “Locations”

Patrick typed our mission statement.

I shot the photos for the homepage and About Us page. I wrote the description “About Us.”

Made over a dozen Tags including, on-campus, off-campus, industrial, suburban.

I loaded our Facebook contributions to the site. Thank You Kelley from UMaine Motivators, and Jesse from Brave New Maine.

I consider myself some kind of Assistant Producer, as I have vocalized on what should stay or go, and have made alterations to the WordPress site based on a majority ruling. Rarely everyone agrees on everything, and we have a large group; so only the ‘most-liked’ ideas remain.

Our group meetings were held in the Board Room in the CML, I reserved this space on two occasions, so that Shoot Maine could have time, space and silence.

I created a Shot-List for the group to follow for the final presentation.

I installed two plug-ins:

                                        1.) Final Tag Cloud

2.) and the E-MailiT plug-in, so users can share our site with their facebook.