NMD 200/Fall 2013

Caitlin Trafton

Final Exam

Part One- Eight Strategies

(a-definition, b-class example, c-my example)

1.) Upstage the man: a-Take publicity away from beholder, for fun.

b-Class Example: the Yes Men would be proud, when a public announcement grew that Monsanto Company approved the commercial sale of their genetically modified corn seed, in Mexico.

URL to Monsanto and the Carnival of Corn(from the Yes Lab):



c-My Example: The Pirate Bay is numero uno when it comes to movie and music torrents. They have a lot of heat on them now, and change their domain name on a weekly basis. Last I knew they were at pirateproxy.org, now they are here:


The Pirate Bay takes a whole lot of attention away from itunes.


2.) Crowd-sourcing: a-Bring the problem to the people, and see what they think. Collecting the information and ‘out-sourcing’ to large network of people.

b-Class Example: Threadless is a web-based t-shirt company, they collect their information through a t-shirt design competiton.

URL to Crowd-sourcing as a model for problem solving:


c-My Example: Fenceviewer.com is a community newspaper that created a Help Wanted/Job Posting facebook page. This is a great example of many-to-many, it is only filtered a little.

URL to fenceviewer Facebook:



3.) Aggregate, automate and visualize data: a- To compile, translate and output data in a way that is convincing.

b-Class Example: SI memory Project is a collection of photos, and audio that depicts a tale of island life.

URL to Swans Island Memory Project: http://www.swansisland.org/simp/BOOK_RELEASE.html

c-My Example: This is a WordPress style site that features the largest digital database for Swans Island History:

URL to the Swans Island Historical Society:



4.) Mobilize People: a-Amp the People Up.

b-Start a ‘Meet-up’ account for $12, and share whatever you are passionate about.

URL to MeetUp Monthly Plan:



5.) Do it Yourself: How to Instructions.

b-Class Example:

 URL to article from DIY site: What the economic crisis really means and what we can do about it.


c-My Example: How to animate with Photoshop

URL to YouTube Video:



6.) Distribute and connect Information: a-Many hands make light work, so let’s break this problem up.

b-On a more metaphorical note, this is an article from pattern-literacy.com that explains succotash(the three sisters) and the fourth. I think it interesting, they call beans, corn and squash the three sisters, because they are symbiotic.

URL to article: The three Sisters-or Is it Four?


c-My Example: Grafitti. I think the best definition of distribute and connect information is grafitti.

This is a URL Legal graffiti wall around Stolberger Straße, Köln, Germany:



7.) Share what was inaccessible: a-Anything Open-source, what’s mine is yours.

b-Class Example: A Ted-Talks on free-ware.


c-My Example: The Pool, pop in and upload a tutorial, or some code, everything’s free for the using.

URL to Ippolito’s Pool: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpool.newmedia.umaine.edu%2F&ei=dh6zUqDiJMzKsQSdvoLgAQ&usg=AFQjCNGosF1oAVU7LYokuqCI1fEQRChCOw&sig2=mqzZ_voePsPETNmIMMcbcQ


8.)Tap into local networks: a-Localize: our town, our city, our state, there are problems worth fixing right at home.

b-Class Example: Yankee D

c-My Example: There are people starving in the US, it isn’t just third world countries.

URL to Preble Street Homeless Shelter:


Part 2 Group Uses of New Media Strategies:

Leverage – Instead of using tactics like Hollywood productions and build big elaborate sets, we are trying to prove we can use what we already have.


Crowdsource the job – Make a website where users can upload their locations. Allowing others to contribute to our project to gain a further database of locations and places to film.


Mobilize People -Using social media to reach mass amounts of people. Use the people, routes, and tools we have access to.

Aggregate, automate, & visualize data- This could be a part of crowdsourcing, automating the process of entering places and photos into our database. Data will be compiled into one easy to search database. Basically Movie DEMOS.