November 19th 2013
Tuesday 11:21am
Pack of Trouble: Indigo Child-new set of children(demanding elders to grow)
example: Bethany-”Todd wants love and happiness, for everyone.”

NMD 343-Six Stages of Plot
why is conflict important?
RESOLUTION: Shows us how people grow.
In order for them to ‘transform’ they have to start with a desire.
They don’t get what they want.
They are miserable.
Logan wants to be heard.
People won’t listen. Money is object. People can’t fly but they fly right by Logan. He tries to speak but no one will teach him.

example: wound-catholic girl and sexuality.
Taryn: saying someone that loves you=”icky”
“most characters have erroneous beliefs”

what are Logan’s triggers?
What scares Logan?
Trouble: What Logan hears could be different from what is being said to him.

FEARS: Cranes, Towers, Everything higher that him.
Brooms, Guitars, Long objects.
Being ALONE. Being left behind.
How does he act out:
He acts big and tough.
He throws himself on the floor.

START with MOMENT: Tremont
He wants to come to school.
But I leave him.
He can’t fly, but he remembers Africa-where he would-with a Pandemonium of Parrots.
I hang him outside, to go to the bathroom.
He bites. Greys don’t bite eachother. He bites out of fear, he remembers being left before. (Back Story: Most of the time he gets attention when he does something bad. Caitlin watches him closely after the penalty.)
Caught in the moment, he bites, because bad attention is better than none.
Logan never what taught how to act, how to ask.
Logan is 10, but he is not a dog.

WOUND: He has had more than three owners, he was “stolen from Africa,” he comes from many broken homes, people just never understood him.
Family means nothing to him, so he acts out.
He yells. He sees me yell.
“Shut up,” “Fucking Bird”
He knows ‘shut up’ means be quiet.
*kiss means ‘yes’

EXTERNAL-something happens
INTERNAL-something happens in response.

October 31st, 2013

in sighting incident Assignment!
Fill-Out: SixstagePlot.rtf
(bring with you next time.)
Emotional Arc of the Plot: conflict, crisis, where do you want your characters to end up.
Writer’s Month Novel Writers

Daughter has parrot…animal protects.
“clipped” parts.

WATCH THIS: Continuum watch (5 episodes)
whos good/whos evil
antagonist/protagonist: dependent upon why this is happening.
Consciousness of the Earth is activating Immune System.
Plot devices: Create something that appears “off” bring it back later=Foreshadow.
“Murder of Crows”
“Parliament of Parrots”
-tall boy with glasses