Story Title: Harvestor’s Net
Summary:  A Story from a flightless Bird
Follow worksheet, use details from your own story


Protagonist: Logan

Stolen from Africa



Turning Point 1: Dexter, MAINE: Lillian gets Emphysema, she puts him in the Uncle Henry’s.
$800:Cage and African Grey. Must go.
He was biting Lillian.

Stage 2:
New Situation: Caitlin wants a pet that lives longer. Her Dad has a house in Dexter. Her boss Jerry, had a son, named Oakley, he wanted a Parrot, he died young, he was a Pirate. It was meant to be. She wanted an excuse to eat healthier. This is a Mask.
Turning Point 2: It isn’t all that it seems. Caitlin and Logan’s relationship is challenging, like between two people.
Change Plans: Logan and Caitlin keep eachother company, but Caitlin can’t keep up her end of the deal. Logan keeps shitting on the floor, this is a big problem.

Stage 3:
Progress: He tells Caitlin he just wants to go to school.

Turning Point 3:
Point of No Return: I try to bribe Logan with food, his favorite: peanuts. He rejects the food.

Stage 4: Complications, Higher Stakes
He stops eating, he gets sick.
Turning Point 4: Major Setback
The negative attention succeeds. Caitlin and Victor become involved, concerned. Everyone is taking it easy on Logan. He has established his place with a Family.

Stage 5:
Final Push
He takes antibiotics, gains his feathers back.

Turning Point 5:
The vet tells Caitlin and Victor that Logan has a behavioral problem.
Logan has been voicing himself, he is not being heard in the vet’s office.
Caitlin speaks for Logan. The vet does not expect him to speak for himself.

Stage 6:
He gains feathers completely back to prove that he is not sick in the head. He had a bacterial infection. All along the way people are speaking for Logan, to Caitlin.
Ashton took Logan on a play-date.
Kennebunk Exit: Couple tells Caitlin about the Angel Animal Hospital in Boston.
Man at Bartlett’s Landing: Tells Victor the Greys can be trained to go to the bathroom on command.

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